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Sydney’s apartments and buildings are riddled with building defects.

This puts buyers, sellers, and current owners of these buildings at risk. You may need a building defect report for research purposes or to support your claims in a lawsuit.

If you’ve found yourself in need of forensic engineering services to investigate the extent of damages, let us at Endeavour Engineering help.

At Endeavour Engineering, we provide defect investigations and reporting for residential, commercial, strata, and body corporations throughout Sydney.

Construction-related conflicts are unpleasant indeed, but the resolution does not have to be complicated.

What is an Expert Building Defect Report?

A building defect report is a document containing details of the analysis of the property’s condition. This report is drafted after professional inspectors assess the building thoroughly, with the primary purpose being to highlight all faults that require repair, whether actual or suspected.

What Does the Remedial Engineer Include in a Building Defect Report?

Building defect reports will typically include the following:

  • Descriptions and assessment of all faults, damages, incomplete or non-compliant work, and defects, with photographic evidence
  • Suspected defects and all damage-related opinions with all facts that lead to forming those suspicions and opinions
  • A summary of the documentation reviewed
  • Estimated cost and recommendations regarding repair
  • The property inspector’s qualifications, area of expertise, and work experience

What is a Building Defect Inspection?

A building defect inspection is a detailed assessment of a property conducted by a licensed inspector to reveal its flaws, non-compliant features, and defects. The features inspected typically include:

  • Ceiling and roof for tile damage and leaks
  • Walls and floors for sturdiness, water damage, and deterioration
  • Electrical equipment for general wear and exposed wires
  • Doors and windows for safety and durability
  • Water pipes for leaks

When you hire professional building inspectors like us, you can rest assured that the smallest of problems we see will be highlighted. This will not only address your safety concerns but also ensure that you find out about problems before they exacerbate and become too costly and complicated to resolve.

We’ll ensure all features of your property comply with Australian regulations too, and you can always ask for a customised inspection to suit your needs.

Building Defect Reports in NSW Building Disputes

You’ll require a building defect report in NSW whenever you get into a conflict regarding a building’s construction and need to take matters to court or NCAT.

Matters that can’t be settled in a civil manner with property owners, tenants, builders, contractors, or insurance companies regarding construction defects, compliance, accidents, etc., end up in court or a tribunal.

Here, the court will require the submission of an independent expert’s building defect report containing facts and expert opinions about the incidents involved and the state of the structure to reach an informed decision.

Building Defect Reporting for the NSW Civil Administrative Tribunal (NCAT)

In order to take a matter to the NCAT, you’ll have to submit a Building Defect Report per the accepted structure and format. Endeavour Engineering is well-experienced in this regard, having dealt with multiple such cases before. Reach out to us if you need defect reports to present to NCAT.

We can prepare a Scott schedule, a form allowing parties to itemise damages and incomplete works.

Endeavour Engineering Offers Strata Defect Reports in Sydney

Do you know that the Office of Building Commissioner and Strata Association NSW found 39% of strata buildings to have severe defects in the common property? The longer these problems stay hidden, the more serious the disturbance they end up causing to the residents and homeowners.

If you’re looking for professional strata, and defect inspection services in Sydney, the Endeavour Engineering team has your back. With over a decade of experience and up-to-date techniques, we’ll make sure to let you know of all the faults in your property, down to the minor ones.

For all Sydney Building Inspection Reports, Contact Us Today 

Contact us today to book a thorough defect inspection that gets to the bottom of all faults in your property, ensuring compliance with relevant standards and providing the detailed insights you need for informed decision-making or legal proceedings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of some common questions people have in regard to building defect reports.

Generally, a builder is accountable for a building defect if sufficient evidence suggests that the fault occurred under their watch. There’s a statute of limitations – 10 years for NSW – after which any claim of damages will not result in the builders being held accountable.

Building defects found commonly include:

  • Non-structural cracks, like hairline cracks
  • Structural cracks that go deep and affect elements like beams
  • Water seepage into walls and ceiling
  • Concrete spalling
  • Surface finishes deteriorating and falling off
  • Fire hazards
  • Structual defective handrails / balstruades

Our expert witness report and building defect inspection report are crucial in legal proceedings and NSW Fair Trading disputes. These reports offer an unbiased, expert analysis of defects identified in the building, aligning with the Building Code of Australia and fair trading standards. They are essential for homeowners in presenting evidence for rectification claims, addressing major defects, and ensuring compliance with the building defect bond requirements. Our consultancy ensures these reports aid in the fair resolution of disputes.

For new buildings, these reports focus on major defects identified, compliance with the Building Code of Australia, and any rectification needed. Qualified building inspectors conduct thorough inspections of the building, ensuring that every aspect, from structural integrity to pest issues, is meticulously assessed and documented for the homeowner.

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