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During your remedial repairs, it is best to have a superintendent overviewing the work to ensure everything is running according to plan. However, coordination can become problematic with multiple teams with separate tasks and a complex structure to oversee. Here, you’ll need a superintendent to ensure your work’s seamless progression.

At Endeavour Engineering, we work with our clients to ensure the project surpasses all technical, safety, compliance, and environmental concerns by deploying our multidisciplinary skill sets and expertise. We can optimally plan your Sydney and Greater New South Wales remedial engineering projects and monitor them closely to generate the most time and cost savings while ensuring compliance with Australian Standards, the current National Construction Code and the Building Code of Australia.

What is Engineering Superintendency?

Engineering superintendency involves overseeing engineering remedial projects. Unlike regular project management, it comprises an amalgamation of technical expertise with management skills to manage a remedial project down to its closure.

Engineering superintendency entails making comprehensive plans to allocate resources and time to the design and execution of engineering-related remedial projects. This involves finding the right resources and managing communication, integration, timelines, costs, and quality.

Our Remedial Superintendency Services

At Endeavour Engineering, we excel in remedial superintendency and can assist you through the remedial design and construction phases. No matter the scope and complexity of your remedial job, we can provide you with engineering superintendency services throughout Sydney and broader New South Wales.

We offer the following services: 

  • Manage regular site inspections/meetings with relevant representatives;
  • Manage site inspections with the contractor during Hold Points;
  • Provide ongoing status reports describing the works under contract (WUC);
  • Supervision of building work to ensure compliance with:
    • Tender Report/Remedial Building Specification;
    • Addendum/s (if any);
    •  Current Building Code of Australia/National Construction Code;
    • Relevant Australian Standards for the relevant building item;
    • Ensure contract conditions are met by all parties;
    • Settle any dispute/s between the principal and contractor that may arise during the project;
    • Certify the contractor’s quality of work;
    • Assess the contractor’s payment claims and send payment certificates to the principal;
    • Assess the contractor’s variation claims, provide advice to the principal and submit variation certificates;
    • Access the contractor’s request for extensions of time (EOT) and submit EOT certificates;
    • Once practical completion has been deemed by the Superintendent, issue a certificate of practical completion.

Why it Pays To Have an Engineering Superintendent Oversee Your Remedial Job

Whereas a regular superintendent can oversee a remedial project’s adherence to schedule, they lack the knowledge to take it through the design and remedial repair phase. So, they will likely not recognise defects or the use of incorrect methodology or inadequate materials.

In contrast, engineers have in-depth knowledge of the nuances of the construction of your building so that no defect can escape their observation. So, when you hire an Engineering Superintendent, you get a smoother communication system, more accurate cost assessments, and increased efficiency. All this leads to more successful, compliant, and durable projects.

Speak to Our Expert Team Regarding Our Remedial Superintendent Services

Contact Endeavour Engineering to discuss your property further so we can provide you with a free fee proposal and talk you through our services and next steps. You can contact us via email: [email protected] or at (02) 9062 3224.

Frequently Asked Questions

You will need someone skilled in communication and effective task delegation to manage the remedial repair at your property. A superintendent needs to be seen as a leader and hold authority. It is essential that a superintendent has critical thinking skills, knows the right questions to ask, and is familiar with the niche of your property so they can identify and minimise risks as soon as they occur. They also need to stay calm under pressure, think ahead, and possess team-building skills to lead the remedial repair to completion with the help of everyone involved.

Though both engineering and construction managers have to plan, direct, and coordinate projects, the work of a construction superintendent is confined to one category of projects only.

Generally, a remedial engineering superintendent can oversee any remedial engineering project, whether rectifying a collapsed roof or re-waterproofing balconies on an apartment building. They lead research and reports too. In contrast, a construction manager only has the expertise to manage construction projects, their planning, costs, and execution.

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