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All structures lose their functionality over time; however, when a structural component collapses or begins to deteriorate suddenly, you may need to pinpoint the root cause of the issue. Forensic engineering services assess the cause/s and hold the right individuals accountable.

At Endeavour Engineering, we’re proud to work with clients to offer our expert forensic engineering services throughout Sydney and New South Wales.

What is Forensic Engineering?

Forensic engineering involves the investigation of a structure’s defects and failures to get to their root causes. It helps pinpoint the errors and events that lead to the structure’s breakdown and thus is crucial in understanding engineering practices, materials, and methodologies to avoid.

A forensic investigation is also of utmost importance when legal liabilities must be determined. For example, if a retaining wall in a building collapsed, should the builders be held accountable or the engineers who designed it? A thorough and independent assessment carried out by forensic engineering experts can answer such questions.

If you believe your building is deteriorating unnaturally and want to get to the root cause, you may require Endeavour Engineering’s forensic engineering services. If you’re based in New South Wales, Endeavour Engineering can help.

Our Process

Here’s how we proceed with forensic engineering work at Endeavour Engineering:

Get In Contact with our Expert Team 

Get in touch with our professional team to discuss your situation and service needs. We will get back to you to with a free fee proposal and schedule a time for an inspection.

Investigate the Site

We will send an expert engineer to the site to observe the damage. Along with assessing the site and taking notes, they will record what they see and hold conversations with the building’s occupants to determine a timeline and detailed description of events.

Gather & Analyse Evidence 

We will gather evidence from sources including documentation received from the client, the structure’s make-up, material, and structural design as well as from our photographs taken whilst on site. Our engineering experts will then analyse this data and construct their findings.

Finalise the Findings 

Our engineers will discuss all probable causes that could have contributed to the fault and rule out hypotheses one by one. The most dominant and evidence-based cause will be finalised. 

Report Findings to the Client 

We’ll then create a detailed forensic engineering report discussing the failure, its cause, and all the evidence supporting our conclusion.

Provide Expert Witness 

We’ll provide our expert witness services in court if required.

Why You Would Need The Services of a Forensic Engineer

You may require forensic engineering services in New South Wales for the following situations:

Determine the Root Cause of Property Damage 

Buildings can get damaged due to construction defects, design flaws, natural disasters, etc. Forensic engineering can unveil an event’s cause to ensure it does not occur again. If your property has seen damages and you want to get to the bottom of it, we can assist you.

To Assist With Insurance Claims 

Your insurance company will likely want to get to the bottom of the cause after you raise a claim. This will help them determine if the damages were pre-existing or a recent occurrence in which case you may be entitled to compensation. Here, forensic engineering reports can help you provide evidence to insurance companies to assist with the claims process.

To Assist With Legal Proceedings 

If you’re a builder being held legally accountable for a structural defect that you believe isn’t your fault, an expert witness skilled in forensic engineering can help you with an independent assessment of the property to assist. 

Prevent Future Incidents 

If your property has undergone an event in the past that has resulted in damage, you need to hire a forensic engineer to get to the problem’s root cause and ensure it does not occur again.

Need a Forensic Engineer in Sydney or Greater New South Wales? Reach out to Endeavour Engineering Today

If you are in need of forensic engineering services in New South Wales, contact the expert team at Endeavour Engineering. You can drop a message through our contact page, email us at [email protected], or call (02) 9062 3224.

Frequently Asked Questions

A forensic structural engineer conducts comprehensive investigations to identify the cause of building defects, including concrete cancer, timber decay, and water ingress. Their expertise in forensic engineering building assessments is crucial for rectifying structural integrity issues and providing solutions for remedial works.

Forensic engineering provides impartial, expert analysis for legal cases, identifying the cause of damage in buildings and the scope of necessary repairs. This service includes detailed condition reports, essential for dispute resolution between asset owners, contractors, or in aged care sector legal proceedings.

In Sydney, a forensic building inspection involves a diagnostic examination of the building fabric to locate defects. Our consulting engineers provide a detailed report, suggesting remedial engineering solutions for identified issues, ensuring compliance with Australian standards.

Property owners should contact a forensic engineering consultant when they need a comprehensive condition assessment to identify and prioritise repair needs. This is especially important for properties with potential structural issues or where remedial works are required for maintaining asset integrity.

A forensic engineering report for stratum properties includes an analysis of the structure’s current condition, identifying any defects, their causes, and recommended rectification measures. It covers all aspects from electrical systems to balconies, ensuring thoroughness in remedial solution proposals.

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