Australian Standards for External Waterproofing Membranes

Australian Standards for external waterproofing, specifically AS 4654.1-2012 and AS 4654.2-2012, serve as critical benchmarks in the construction industry, ensuring that waterproofing practices meet the highest safety and quality standards. These standards are designed to guide contractors, builders, and engineers in the selection of materials and the installation of waterproofing systems for external above-ground use, […]

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External Waterproofing Explained 

External waterproofing membranes serve as a critical barrier to prevent water ingress into a building’s structure. These specialised coatings or layers, applied to the exterior surfaces of walls, roofs, and foundations, are designed to repel water and moisture. Their primary function is to protect the building materials from damp and water damage, ensuring the structural

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What is Remedial Work in Construction

Remedial work in construction refers to the specialised processes undertaken to repair, restore, or improve a building or structure that has suffered from defects, damage, or deterioration over time. This essential aspect of the construction industry aims to rectify issues that compromise the structural integrity and safety of buildings. The need for remedial work can

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